Love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts for eternity.

Love is an action which does not require our feelings to first be ignited ahead of time. Feelings follow the actions of love, you don't have to, (or need to), wait on your feelings to catch up with you in order to show anyone, including your husband or wife some love!


Others often fail to recognize our inherent worth. Yet, we are the ones who most often devalue ourselves. We develop self-concepts that fall far short of who we really are. Others may have damaged our sense of esteem, but we compound our emotional injuries by accepting and institutionalizing other people’s assessments of us. Remember that if you were born into this world, you have immeasurable, indelible worth.


You are not just a thinking being, you are an emotional being. Every moment you live, you experience a stream of emotions and moods that have a profound impact on reality perception and meaning making. Become observant of your emotions and how they shape your interpretation of reality, and you have made the first step towards managing them so they can work for you and not against you! New possibilities await you!


Attitudes reflect perspective and drive behavior; the actions you take determine your results. Your overall life experience can only rise to the level of your vantage point. If your thinking tends towards the negative, your results will bear witness to your point of view. When your perspective is elevated by your dream, you have an attitude that predisposes you to positive, elevated actions.


Regardless of past failures and disappointments, you are worthy of every opportunity that is related to your life purpose and destiny. You don’t need everybody’s approval. Some may bristle at your good fortune; they may even try to take you down a peg. Others will want to convince you that the opportunity is over your head. Learn to recognize envy, as well as misguided and ill-intentioned advice when it shows up.


You can rise above the feelings of passive vulnerability and become passionately visionary. You have what it takes to take the punches and stay in the fight. You will emerge the winner as long as you don’t quit. You are not trapped; you are empowered! You are not marking time; you are making time. Don’t buy the lie that you cannot go the distance. You are fighting for a future as bright as the promises of God.


Ineffective thinking is spending time brooding over what isn’t working. Effective thinking is about making a paradigm shift and focusing on what is working. Your reality will shift as well as your outlook. You’ll notice that your assumptions and your words will shift too. You will talk less about what you want to avoid and more about what wants to emerge. New mindset! New assumptions! New words! New future!


Hope is a non-negotiable. Operate in hope, and you harness the powers of desire and expectation. Hope increases the likelihood of success in all your endeavors. Hope is strategic to your mindset because it sets you up for possibility rather than limitation. Hope and confidence travel together. Be deliberate in hope. Make hope a habit. Hope on purpose! Live under hope’s influence and you will cope with effectiveness.


Conscious living: Instead of performing to prove your worth, you can be who you were created to be. Out of that being, your doing flows organically. When your life unfolds this way, you are fully alive. You are present to the moment (opportunities are maximized); you are open to constructive input and change (your capacities can be increased); you are comfortable in your own skin (and others are at ease with you).


When you give yourself permission to be imperfect, you give yourself permission to make mistakes. When you give yourself permission to make mistakes you learn from them and you grow. When you grow you discover you are more capable than you thought. All God has is imperfect people who make mistakes, yet with God, life becomes unlimited, nothing becomes impossible, and no dream is unreachable! Be encouraged!


The more encouraged you are, the more you feel like you belong. The more encouraged you are, the more resilient you become. The more encouraged you are, the more tolerance you have for the struggles you face you in your journey and your sphere of influence. The more encouraged you are, the more you take things in stride. Learn how to turn your liabilities into assets. Recognize your strengths and expand your horizons.


The search for meaning activates the opening of new doors of understanding and effectiveness. When you discover the meaning of something, you can correctly evaluate its importance and potential applications. Because you see it in context, you can identify its purpose. Meaning determines purpose. Nothing about you is an accident. You are one-of-a-kind, a grand design with great potential to be fulfilled and realized.


When you view life and circumstances through the lens of hope, you reappraise the situations you find yourself in, and you then have power to leverage things in favor of better outcomes. You begin to see patterns of hope where others see dead ends. Give it some time, and you will start to see wonderful things hidden in the least likely places. Hope knows that no matter how dark the night, morning is on the way.


Pessimism leads to passivity. Sustain your optimism, especially when you encounter threats to the achievement of your purpose objectives and desired outcomes. When facing adversity, challenge, or difficulty, give yourself permission in spite of the resistance, to believe that achievement of those objectives and desires is possible. It will fuel your faith to sustain your efforts to attain! Achievement awaits you!


Don’t ever underestimate what can yet happen in your life based on what has not yet happened. As long as you have breath there will be moments of opportunity presented to you. Always remember that from the perspective of the One who created you, your past does not determine your present; your future does! You still have a future!


Managing uncertainty is essential to success. The healthiest way to manage uncertainty is to hold fast to your confidence. Enter situations with the awareness that you can and will learn new things and make necessary shifts to adapt and overcome. Engage situations with genuine faith that things will keep moving forward, mountains will move, transformation will occur, and a great reward awaits you on the other side.


Arm yourself with love, intently look to meet the needs, (not necessarily wants), of others through love. As you walk in love, achievement will be acquired and the rewards of love are eternal. Love is the only thing that lasts forever, it is the only thing that will remain standing over time. So in all your love notes, make a note to self; love begins with you, you can instigate the actions of love anytime you choose to. Love is your choice, regardless of what others may choose, decide to love and you will overcome obstacles, and doors will open for you in places you did not expect them.

Make Love your habitual habit



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