Many of the beautiful dress up dolls, princess dolls, cartoon dolls, & glitter dolls below may be purchased in payment installments, you may buy some of these special dolls in payments of 2 or more installments. Some of the beautiful dolls require a shipping time allowance of up to 5-12 business days, so adjust your
gift giving plans as necessary. Whether you are buying for yourself or purchasing a gift, these specialty dolls are sure to make for perfect home decor or as great birthday or Christmas gifts! Prices and availability are subject to change, so order yours today!

Girls can relive the big concert finale moment from the 2012 Barbie movie, Barbie the Princess and the Popstar , with this Barbie Princess and the Popstar Small Doll Movie Bag that has twice the fun to match its two stars. Each bag includes both a Princess and a Pop star along with two dogs, two microphones, two purses and two fairies. A second outfit for each doll allows girls to create a rockin’ concert moment. When the show is over, everything fits into the portable vinyl bag, shaped to resemble the castle from the film. It’s great for on-the-go convenience! Some assembly required. Ages 3 and up. Barbie Princess and the Popstar Small Doll Movie Bag
Barbie Princess and the Popstar Small Doll Movie Bag $23.99
It’s the ultimate in friendship and house play with the perfect play set for two! Based on the 2012 Barbie movie, Barbie the Princess and the Popstar , this fold-out Barbie Princess and the Pop star Princess Playset has double the fun with beds for both girls, seating for the pair and a tea set for two. A shared wardrobe (with hanger) and vanity (with accessories) are perfect for sharing clothes and beauty tips. And for added charm, the Pop star bed magically transforms into a bathtub! When all the fun is done, the set folds up for portable on-the-go convenience! Includes a Princess bed with canopy, a Popstar bed that turns over to reveal a bathtub, 2 bed quilts and a pillow, a closet with hanger, a vanity with mirror, a tea table and 2 chairs, 2 tea cups and a tea pot, an alarm clock, a lamp, a hair dryer, a brush and a laptop. Dolls not included. Some assembly required. Ages 3 and up. Barbie Princess Dollhouse Playset
Barbie Princess and the Popstar Princess Dollhouse Playsets
Disney's most beloved characters are exquisitely re-imagined in this first-ever Disney Princess doll collection with ball jointing for maximum posing options. Each stunning doll is dressed from head to toe in lavish, elegant attire inspired by Disney animated classics. Your doll collection begins with Issue One, Cinderella, and continues with Issue Two, Snow White, Issue Three, Ariel, and Issue Four, Belle, plus additional Disney Princess ball jointed dolls, each a separate issue to follow. Each Disney Princess doll in this collection is handcrafted in vinyl and has full articulation that allows an exciting multitude of poses. The important costume and accessory details in each lovely ball jointed doll make her a collector treasure! For example, Cinderella is elegantly dressed with glittering accents and simulated jewels on her ball gown. She wears a luxurious necklace of simulated pearls and removable crystalline "glass" slippers! Royal Disney Princess Ball Jointed Doll Collection
Royal Disney Princess Ball Jointed Doll Collection $179.99
Created to be the perfect Barbie gift, it’s the Barbie Birthday Wishes Doll! Moms, grandmothers, and aunts will want to buy this beautifully themed doll for the special girls in their lives. This Barbie Birthday Wishes Doll is dressed in a cloud of pale pink tulle and satin. Ribbon and lace trim and pink pin-dot accents add sweet touches that charm at any age. With her soft, loosely curled blonde hair and sweet face, this doll will be the perfect gift to start a new birthday tradition. Barbie measures 11 1/2-inches tall. Make it a special birthday with this Barbie Birthday Doll!

Barbie Birthday Wishes Doll
Barbie Birthday Wishes Doll $39.99
It’s the perfect gift for any little girl’s special day! Princesses Ariel, Cinderella, and Tiana are dressed in their birthday best. Plays the “Happy Birthday to You!” song. Includes a royal princess ring for little fingers! It’s the perfect gift for any little girl’s special day! Princesses Ariel, Cinderella, and Tiana are dressed in their birthday best in beautiful ball gowns that feature sparkly party details… and with the touch of a button, “Happy Birthday to You!” plays. Also included is a surprise gift for the birthday girl: a royal princess ring for little fingers! A customizable gift tag on the package makes this Princess Birthday Wishes Case the perfect gift for any little girl! Dolls cannot stand alone. Ages 3 and up. Includes 3 x “AG13” (LR44) batteries. This Disney Princess Birthday Wishes Assortment Case includes 4 individually packaged dolls. Disney Princess Birthday Wishes Dolls
Disney Princess Birthday Wishes Dolls
Barbie puts on her dancing shoes and her glitzy ballroom outfits as she’s Dancing with the Stars! This case contains 3 individually packaged dolls (subject to change): 1x Brazilian Samba 1x Viennese waltz 1x Paso Doble Dancing with the Stars is one of the hottest shows on television in the United States, and Barbie watches too! Here, she is dressed as a contestants assigned one of the show’s most popular dances- the Brazilian samba, the Viennese waltz and Paso Doble. With her dancing shoes on, Barbie is ready to compete! Doll cannot stand alone. Measures about 11 1/2-inches tall. Ages 6 and older. Barbie Dancing with the Stars Dolls Case
Barbie Dancing with the Stars Dolls Case $117.99
This 11 1/2-inch tall Barbie Russia Doll is part of the Barbie Gold Collection. Barbie takes on the culture and romance of Russia! Tradition meets couture in this breathtaking Barbie Darya Doll. Nostrovia, comrades! This Barbie Russia Doll is part of the Barbie Gold Collection. Nostrovia, comrades: a toast to the opulent glamour of Moscow! Fit for a czarina, this Fashion Model Collection Doll’s dress of golden embroidery and brilliant red is never square, but daringly romantic. The fashion front demands regal luxury and classic chic as tradition meets couture in this breathtaking Barbie Darya Doll. Order your today! Limited edition of 5,400. Barbie Fashion Model Doll Collections
Barbie Fashion Model Dolls
Ni hao, Barbie! Barbie is elegant in her red gown and geisha look. Barbie Doll just loves pandas… see! Includes a passport and sticker sheet to record Barbie’s travels. Barbie from China wears an Asian-inspired gown of red “silk,” embroidered with flowers and leaves in gold and black with touches of orange, pink, and blue. Her shoes are traditional geta, her jewelry (gold bangle bracelets and red “jewel” drop earrings) is timeless, and her hair evokes a geisha. She’s even accompanied by a panda that snuggles on her hip! Includes a passport and sticker sheet to help record Barbie’s travels. The doll stands about 11 1/2-inches tall, but cannot stand alone. Ages 6 and up. Barbie is loved around the world, and this collection returns the love with Barbie dressed in inspirational versions of ancestral dress from various countries. Barbie Dolls of the World
Barbie Dolls of the World
A castle fit for a princess! Wouldn’t your little princess like one of these? With more than 50 different play pieces, the Ultimate Dream Castle is three stories tall and features iconic rooms themed to each princess. Girls can bring all their favorite fairytales to life with these features and play areas: Tiana’s kitchen, where she can pretend to cook up a pot of gumbo; Belle’s dining room, with magically moving character friends, just like in the Be Our Guest scene from the movie; Jasmine’s elevator, which is really a magic carpet for whisking her to all the different floors; Ariel’s bathroom, complete with real bubble sounds and a seashell tub; Snow White’s vanity, with a magic mirror that shows her beloved Prince Charming on the other side; Sleeping Beauty’s bedroom, where fairy godmothers fly above the bed and she can use the armoire to store her ball gowns; Cinderella’s staircase, where Cinderella can glide down the stairs before midnight-but look close and you’ll see she’s left her glass slipper behind! At the top of the castle, princesses can wish upon a star and dance the night away on a spinning, musical dance floor.Dolls not included. Requires 2 x “AA” batteries, not included. For ages 3 and up. Disney Princess Playsets
Disney Princess Dolls Playsets

Disney Snow White doll with ball jointing, for the most varied and lifelike posing options ever! This memorable, magical Snow White collectible doll is elegantly dressed from head to toe in lavish attire inspired by the beloved Disney animated classic film. She’s sure to charm and delight you, just as she did her handsome prince! This impressive 16″ Snow White doll is handcrafted in vinyl with full articulation that allows an exciting multitude of poses – sitting, “dancing” and much more! Snow White is elegantly dressed as you fondly remember her, in the finest materials accessorized with sparkling, simulated rubies and a graceful removable cape. Disney Princess Fashion Dolls
Disney Princess Fashion Dolls

Supergirl 13-Inch Tonner Doll


l Of Passion

Supergirl 13-Inch Tonner Doll $139.99
Flying onto the scene… it's Supergirl! Astonishing 13-inch doll from the DC Stars Collection. Limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide! Tonner continues its tradition of finely crafted DC Stars Character Figures in a whole new scale! This 13-inch Supergirl is wearing her classic knit bodysuit with "S" decal and faux-leather belt. She features an attached knit cape and faux-leather zip-up boots, stands approximately 13-inches tall, is limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide, and includes a display stand.


Romeo And Juliet Fashion Doll Collection $149.99 Now, relive their incredible love story through this first of its kind exquisite Romeo and Juliet doll collection! Beginning with Issue One, Juliet, she will soon be united with Issue Two, Romeo to complete the collection – each issue shipped separately. Juliet and her true love Romeo are wonderfully expressive with eyes hand-painted for superior realism, and silken hair that’s soft to the touch. Their costumes are fashioned by hand and made of the finest materials including rich velvet, soft leather, delicate lace and more to capture the lure and romance of their dramatic tale. Editions are limited to 2,500 worldwide!




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