The women's long sleeve shirt tops below are subject to availability and price changes. These women's long sleeve shirts are available in 2 installments purchase plans, so it's simple to buy one of these women's artist shirts online today! These nice long sleeve apparel custom women's art shirts are great for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or as personal wardrobe apparel. You can enlarge the views of any of these nice long sleeve shirts simply by clicking on the women's shirt images.
Just 4 ounces when it’s born, the Panda bear cub is one of the most fragile and helpless babies in the animal world, totally dependent on the mother Panda, whose tireless care for her infant is a 24-hour labor of love. Now, you can celebrate this rare gem of the wilderness with this adorable Panda art women’s shirt. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase helps to provide a life-saving donation to preserve animal life and the Earth’s resources. Comfortable and flattering in 100% cotton, this meaningful three-fourth length sleeve shirt features a moving image of a mother Panda and her young cub, surrounded by green stalks of bamboo against a variegated background of soft whites and soothing greens. The meaningful words, “Protect” and “Treasure” are written in an elegant script for added delight. You won’t want to miss this stunning expression of love and reminder of the need to preserve this magnificent endangered species. Panda Art Women's Shirt: Mother's Love
Panda Art Women’s Shirt: Mother’s Love $49.95

Slip Into Something Much More Relaxing. Dramatic, yet tranquil. A glamorous print of crimson peonies upon a moving stream echoes the flowing style of this relaxing garment. Made in Osaka, the fabric of this authentic Flowing Peony Yukata is 100% cotton. (Included belt ships inside one of the
sleeves. $59.99
Flowing Peony Yukata
Flowing Peony Yukata
Blossom forth and expect compliments with this spring-fresh Cherry Blossom Tee. Beautifully printed with a graceful cherry blossom, or sakura, motif, this dress-up, dress-down wardrobe essential will take you nearly everywhere. V-neckline, 3/4 sleeves. 100% cotton. Imported tee. Printed in the U.S.A. $55.00

Cherry Blossom Tee
Cherry Blossom Tee
Artisan-crafted in the ancient city of Kyoto, this authentic Japanese Cherry Blossom and Crane Yukata is beautifully patterned with a traditional motif—cranes flying among cherry blossoms—symbolic of longevity and the transience of life. Often worn to Matsuri, or Japanese shrine festivals, flowing lightweight robes like this Cherry Blossom and Crane Yukata are perfect for relaxing elegantly and comfortably. 100% cotton. (Included belt ships inside one of the sleeves.)

Cherry Blossom and Crane Yukata
Cherry Blossom and Crane Yukata $75.00

Flowing Peacock Coat
Flowing Peacock Coat $165.00

Cherry Blossom Kimono
Cherry Blossom Kimono $100

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