Many of the Tinkerbell products below may be purchased in payment installments, you may buy some of these Tinkerbell gifts in payments of 2 or more installments. Some of the Tinkerbell items require a shipping time allowance of up to 5-12 business days, so adjust your gift giving plans as necessary. Whether you are buying for yourself or purchasing a gift, these unique Tinkerbell gifts are sure to make for perfect home decor or as great birthday or Christmas gifts! Prices and availability are subject to change, so order yours today!

Her personality dazzles, her appeal is timeless – she's Tinker Bell! Now, a Disney Tinkerbell watch reminds you to believe in the possibilities that await you each moment. This Tinker Bell watch is lavished with numerous faceted clear and pink crystals in a variety of spectacular cuts. At the center of this sparkling timepiece is Tink herself, captured in silver and golden colors in a raised portrait on the watch face. Keep this dear Disney Fairies character close at hand with this charming Disney Tinker Bell watch. Silver toned filigree swirls and a gleaming stainless steel mesh band give the watch's contours an even more magical appeal. Handcrafted with precision quartz movement, this wonderful watch makes a special keepsake or a jewelry gift for her. Disney Tinker Bell Reflections Of Time Crystal Watch
Tinker Bell Reflections Of Time Crystal Watch $129.00
She floats, she flutters, she brings sparkling magic wherever she goes! Now you can treasure this charming pixie with a special pair of Tinker Bell beaded earrings. Dazzling with elegant Swarovski® crystals and luminescent cultured freshwater pearls, these beaded dangle earrings shimmer with the look of pixie dust for a magical fine jewelry design you can enjoy every day. Be inspired by the magic of Tinker Bell every time you wear this delightful jewelry! Handcrafted in solid sterling silver, these Tinkerbell beaded earrings feature sculpts of the famous Disney character accented in 24K-gold plating. Her wings glisten with a pave of Swarovski crystals while cultured freshwater pearls and round Swarovski crystals provide added elegance. Tinker Bell Dazzle Beaded Dangle Earrings: Jewelry Gift
Tinker Bell Dazzle Beaded Dangle Earrings $119.00
Since 1953, Disney's Tinkerbell has brought a sprinkle of enchanting pixie dust and whimsical magic to our lives. Her childlike wonder and unfettered imagination remind us that the world is a truly magical place if we only believe our dreams can come true. Now, you can enjoy a handcrafted porcelain musical treasure of enchantment and light in Ardleigh Elliott's first ever collectible Disney musical table lamp starring Tinker Bell. Add a little sparkle to your day with this limited-edition illuminated Tinker Bell tabletop decor. This Disney musical table lamp plays the much-loved melody "When You Wish Upon a Star"; and makes a delightful addition to your Disney collection. Tinkerbell is delicately sculpted from the work of Disney artists and the lamp boasts a lighted floral canopy, sparkling simulated jewels, lavish platinum accents and four panels of authentic Disney Tinker Bell art on its base. Disney Tinker Bell's Magic Musical Table Lamp
Tinker Bell's Magic Musical Table Lamp $99.99
With a sprinkle of fairy dust, Tinker Bell brings her inspiring magic to those who believe. And what better place to imagine this charming pixie than among the vibrant blooms of a luminous garden? Now, you can share in the never-ending possibility of magic with a sparkling Disney Tinker Bell
bracelet. Meticulously handcrafted in stainless steel, this stunning Italian charm bracelet features 17 individual, interchangeable charms gleaming with 18K gold-plated accents. Award-winning artist Lena Liu’s artwork is beautifully recreated on nine of the charms while five of them also feature officially-licensed art of Tinker Bell in some of her most famous poses. For extra delight, a shimmering star hangs from the large center charm and four inspirational charms are elegantly etched with the words, “Imagine,” “Believe,” “Dream” and “Wish.” Plus, this Disney keepsake comes with three FREE charm links for a perfect fit. Makes a great addition to your Disney Tinker Bell jewelry collection.
Disney Tinker Bell's Enchanted Gardens Bracelet
Disney Tinker Bell’s Enchanted Gardens Bracelet $99.00

Keep happy thoughts and wonder close to your heart, as everyone's favorite fairy shows off her sparkling, spirited personality in this exquisite Disney Tinkerbell pendant necklace. The solid sterling silver pendant shines with a glittering pave of yellow, blush, green and aurora borealis Swarovski® crystals and colorful enamel accents. Pay tribute to Tink's famous feisty attitude with this sparkling Disney Tinker Bell crystal pave pendant necklace. Handcrafted pendant is engraved on the reverse side with the sassy sentiment "Am I cute or what?" A wonder to wear, or makes thrilling Disney Tinker Bell jewelry for a Tink fan. Disney Tinkerbell Crystal Pave Pendant Necklace: Am I Cute Or What?
Tinkerbell Crystal Pave Pendant Necklace $99.00

"Embrace The Magic" Tinker Bell Ring $99.00

There's nothing more enchanting than the magic of Tinker Bell, especially for those who truly "Believe"! Now, this delightful Tinker Bell ring embraces your spirit with the dazzling wonder of the imagination – and our exclusive Diamonesk® stones, exquisite cubic zirconia that glitter like the finest diamonds! This charming Tinker Bell ring is beautifully crafted of solid sterling silver, and features twin bands, one in silver and one plated in 18K gold. At its center is a two toned sculpted image of Tinker Bell, her wings shimmering with Diamonesk stones. Two sinuous ribbons on either side of Tink are pave-set with more gorgeous Diamonesk stones. The inside of the ring is engraved with the word "Believe." A specially designed presentation case is included. This magical Tinker Bell jewelry is intended for adults.



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