The alluring, mysterious beauty of the Tanzanite first came to light in 1967, and to this day is found only in mines deep beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa! Now you can acquire this prized gemstone in a yellow gold and white gold Tanzanite ring that captures this prized gemstone at its best. Tanzanite's amazing range of colors combining the cool blue of sapphire and the rich purple of amethyst – have made this gemstone a fashion trend setter, and this unique womens ring design surrounds the stone with 30 diamonds for the ultimate statement of luxury. Exquisitely crafted in 10K solid gold with alternating rows of yellow and white gold, the centerpiece of this stunning ring is a faceted oval Tanzanite gemstone with amazing blue violet luminescence that flashes from every facet. A spectacular array of 30 genuine diamonds set into the 3 rows of multi-colored gold create a dazzling effect that is simply breathtaking. Allure: Tanzanite And Diamond Ring
Allure Tanzanite And Diamond Ring $399.00 US Dollars


Bask in the brilliant green beauty of the emerald, one of nature's most precious gifts and a gemstone cherished by royalty since ancient times. This Royal Radiance emerald and diamond ring is a womens ring that captures the regal beauty of 5 emeralds totaling more than 1 carat in weight and embraces them with 16 genuine diamonds! This solid sterling silver and 24K gold plated ring will sweep any woman off her feet, into the realm of luxury and elegance that emeralds bestow on anyone who wears them. The delicate, handcrafted setting of this solid sterling silver and 24K gold plated ring embraces 3 grandly sized emeralds accented by a smaller pair of emeralds, impressively totaling just over 1 carat! The 16 dazzling diamonds that surround the emeralds add unmistakable elegance. Royal Radiance Emerald & Diamond Ring
Royal Radiance Emerald & Diamond Ring $199.00
Each snowflake falls from the sky, perfectly formed and yet unique – just like each of us. This Snowflake Splendor blue topaz and diamond ring celebrates the special qualities that make us who we are. This delicate ring combines the richness of solid sterling silver with 8 stunning blue topaz stones and 6 sparkling diamonds, to create an elegant expression of individuality you won't find anywhere else. "Exquisitely handcrafted of solid sterling silver, this stunning ring sparkles with 8 blue topaz stones arranged in a unique "snowflake" design. In the center of the ring, 6 magnificent diamonds come together in the shape of a heart. As a finishing touch, the custom-designed keepsake case features imagery from Thomas Kinkade's beloved painting "Victorian Christmas I" on the inside of the lid. Thomas Kinkade Snowflake Splendor Blue Topaz And Diamond Ring
Snowflake Splendor Blue Topaz And Diamond Ring $99.00 Dollars
For thousands of years, diamonds have set the standard when it comes to fine gemstones. Unmistakable in their radiance, they are the very definition of prized beauty. Combining the dazzle of white diamonds with the drama of rare black diamonds, this unique diamond ring will adorn you with radiant beauty every time you wear it. This rare black diamond ring is exquisitely handcrafted for the ultimate look of style and grace. Twin bands of brilliant-cut white diamonds, a total of 22 in all, stunningly frame a double band of 18 glistening black diamonds. Set in gorgeous 10K white gold, the contrast and symmetry of this black and white diamond ring is simply breathtaking. This unique diamond ring will look striking on you and makes an impressive jewelry gift for her. 5th Avenue Black & White Diamond Ring With Rare Black Diamonds: Jewelry Gift For Her
5th Avenue Black & White Diamond Ring With Rare Black Diamonds $594.00 Dollars
Let sparkling waves of serenity touch your life, enhanced with the precious beauty of genuine gemstones! The Serenity Diamond and Sapphire Eternity Ring is truly a standout design among gemstone women's rings. Fashioned in the popular eternity style with "never ending" interlocking circles, it soothes the soul and renews the spirit. This stunning diamond and sapphire ring is an exclusive fine jewelry design that any woman would take delight in wearing. Expertly handcrafted in solid sterling silver, this ring design offers 6 genuine diamonds that connect 7 sparkling, pave-set circles in an exquisite openwork pattern. At the base of each shimmering circle is a brilliant blue sapphire, for a total of 7 sapphires in all. Imagine a calm, deep-blue sea sparking in the sun to get a true sense of this ring's serene beauty!  Serenity Diamond And Sapphire Eternity Ring
Serenity Diamond And Sapphire Eternity Ring $129.00


Since ancient times, the rare and precious emerald has been favored by royalty for its verdant splendor, and prized highly in crown jewels and art objects. Now this exclusive emerald ring captures the legendary beauty of this sought-after stone and surrounds it with genuine diamonds, in a classic diamond embrace ring design. This womens ring unites the rare emerald and dazzling diamonds in a setting of silver and gold, for the ultimate in richly elegant jewelry! "Handcrafted in exquisite detail, this emerald ring design begins with 2 gleaming bands, one in shimmering solid sterling silver and the other in silver richly plated with 24K gold. Then a pair of entwined pave "ribbons" embrace the double band, each glittering with 2 genuine diamonds, for 4 diamonds in all. Within this diamond "embrace" lies a vibrant, marquise-cut emerald. Emerald & Diamond Embrace Ring
Love's Embrace Diamond & Ruby Ring $119.00 Dollars
Love is a precious gift – it brings you joy without measure. Now, express your ever-deepening affection with this stunning 14K gold blue topaz ring, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Handcrafted of solid 14K gold, the centerpiece of this blue topaz jewelry is a 2.5 carat oval-faceted blue topaz gemstone. On either side of this impressive jewel, two graceful hearts intertwine with the band and are richly set with a pave of 10 genuine diamonds. This gorgeous "Heart to Heart" blue topaz diamond heart shaped ring is available in full and half sizes 5 to 10, and arrives in an elegant custom gift box. Whether for yourself or as a couples ring gift, this dramatic work of fine diamond jewelry is sure to leave admirers breathless! Heart To Heart Blue Topaz And Diamond Ring
Heart To Heart Blue Topaz And Diamond Ring $348.00 Dollars
Now you can join the Hollywood elite – the rich and famous women who wear spectacular, fancy-cut diamond rings that instantly set jewelry fashion trends! Show off your own exquisite sense of taste when you wear one of these Spectacular Statement Diamonesk™ Rings – a gorgeous selection of 3 popular stone cuts, each ring with at least 6.5 carats of total weight that rival the look of the most fabulous real diamonds at a mere fraction of the cost!  "These fine jewelry exclusives each offer more than 6.5 carats of flawless cubic zirconia in solid sterling silver ring settings. Choose from a lavish selection of classic round cut, flirty princess cut or glamorous emerald cut center stones. Each has its own distinctive dazzle and its own unique setting, enhanced with additional cubic zirconia accent stones for even more dramatic sparkle. Spectacular Statement Diamonesk Ring
Spectacular Statement Diamonesk Ring $89.00
Set your spirit ablaze with the beauty of the fire opal, a stone prized since ancient times by the Aztecs and Mayas! Now this fascinating gem graces your finger with its faceted, orange-red opal brilliance, surrounded by the sparkling glitter of diamonds, in a fire opal ring that you won't want to miss. Expertly handcrafted in solid sterling silver and finished in the rich, glowing warmth of 24K gold plating, this fire opal ring showcases a brilliantly faceted oval stone at its center. Ten glittering genuine diamonds – 5 on each side of the fire opal solitaire – decorate the gracefully sculpted band. The entire effect is luxurious, powerful, and blazingly beautiful! Blazing Brilliance Fire Opal And Diamond Ring
Blazing Brilliance Fire Opal And Diamond Ring $119.00 Dollars
The legendary dazzle of diamonds. The rich luster of gold. Wear them together in this diamond eternity ring design that embraces the finger with fashionable elegance at a fine value! This contemporary twist on the classic entwined eternity ring design stands out for its sheer number of genuine diamonds – 21 in all! – and the variety of different diamond cuts. This fine women's ring is a stunning reminder of a love that never ends. Solid 10K gold serves as the spectacular setting for this handcrafted diamond eternity ring, cradling its 21 diamonds in 4 twisted "ribbons" of gold that seem to be never-ending as they gracefully encircle the finger. 10 of the 21 diamonds on this dramatic women's ring are round, 7 are baguettes, and 4 are tapered baguettes. Comes complete with a custom jeweler's presentation case. Worn day or evening, this diamond eternity ring is simply stunning. Diamond Embrace Women's Eternity Ring
Diamond Embrace Women's Eternity Ring $348.00 Dollars
The memories you treasure of someone dear are carried in your heart forever – and now they can be lovingly called to mind whenever you wear this stunning example of remembrance jewelry. The heavenly color and meaningful design of this pear shaped blue topaz journey ring make the joy and love in your heart come alive, as the precious topaz stones rekindle precious memories for you. This fine blue topaz jewelry ring even bears an engraved message, to remind you always of the love you shared. Exquisitely handcrafted in solid sterling silver plated in gleaming, 24K gold, this ring features a pear-shaped blue topaz over a full carat in size. The stunning blue stone is cradled in a teardrop setting with 8 sparkling white topaz stones in the popular "journey" style, gradually increasing in size as they lead to the touching engraved inscription: "I am with you Always". Pear-Shaped Blue Topaz Journey Ring: I Am With You Always
Pear Shaped Blue Topaz Journey Ring $79.00


The Bible calls the ruby the most precious of gems, and it has long been prized by royalty all over the world. Now the legendary ruby finds its place on your own hand, surrounded by genuine diamonds in this mesmerizing diamond and ruby 10K white gold ring. The oval shaped faceted ruby center stone is over a 1/2 carat in size and is enhanced by 20 genuine diamonds to create an extraordinary impression. Handcrafted with jewelers' precision, this 10K white gold ring features a magnificent center ruby surrounded with 10 sparkling diamonds, with another five diamonds on each side of the band. Capture the ruby's power to bestow wisdom, health, wealth and success in affairs of the heart! The Legend Of The Ruby Ring: Ruby And Diamond Ring
Ruby And Diamond Ring $297.00 Dollars



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