Below is an awesome collection of jewelry chests and jewelry boxes ranging from $40 to $800, many of which are under 400 dollars. Most of these are wood jewelry boxes, made of mahogany, teakwood, walnut, bubinga, or maple. Many of the jewelry chests have locks with keys, some have mirrors, and most have drawers. For most of the jewelry chests there is currently free shipping, (for orders $75 and more), & most have a 30 Day return policy. The prices on the jewelry boxes are subject to change, & free shipping packages for the jewelry boxes generally arrive within 5-10 business days (M-F).


Mahogany Jewelry Chest
Mahogany Jewelry Chest
Teakwood jewelry chest with 4 drawers & mirror
Teakwood Jewelry Chest with 4 drawers & mirror
Bubinga Hardwood Jewelry Box
Bubinga Hardwood in Burgundy with Mapa Inlay Jewelry Box
Locking Jewelry Chest
Jewelry Chest with Poplar and Burl Wood Inlay
3 pull-out drawers Jewelry Chest
Ebony Jewelry Chest with 3 pull-out drawers
Walnut Jewelry Box
Fully Locking Walnut Jewelry Box
Bubinga and Elm Burl Inlay Jewlery Box
Fully Locking Jewlery Chest with Bubinga and Elm Burl Inlay
Mahogany Jewelry Box
Solid Wood Mahogany Jewelry Box
Brown Stain Teakwood Jewelry Chest
Brown Stain Teakwood Jewelry Box with mirror
Multi-Tone Italian Inlay Jewelry Box
Multi-Tone Italian Inlay Jewelry Box
Maple Jewelry Box
Marquetry & Fiddleback Maple Jewelry Box
Teakwood Jewelry Box
Solid Wood Teakwood Jewelry Box
Recordable Keepsake Box
Recordable Keepsake Box And Photo Frame In One
Jewelry Box For Daughters

Heart Full Of Wishes Jewelry Box For Daughters
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